Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Holy Baking Bonanza Batman!!!

It was so tough coming up with some form of alliteration for this title! (That didn't include "Betty" or "blue"...thanks White Christmas! :D ).

In any case...

Hello folks!

Tonight was a craaaazy night filled with TONS of holiday baking with my mamasita!
I documented the evening in photographs, enjoy!!

Dis is my mama! 
 Some of the 8 DOZEN (more than that actually) shortbread cookies we made! Yummmm!
 A BIG mess! teehee!
 Our cookie press...only ONE of the designs really worked properly and the press was SO hard to use! By the end of it we gave up and just rolled the cookie dough into balls and pressed it down with a fork! Mum says "they're not as 'delicate' as they should be..." but who cares! It's COOKIES!!! :D
 Recipes, old and new. Tonight we made salted caramels, chocolate bark and shortbread cookies. Tomorrow is fudge (possibly...) "Sweet Marie Bars" (a family classic) and chocolate confetti (MY childhood FAVORITE!)...p.s. that recipe book you see right below my computer screen is my moms. She's had it since she was like...21!
 This is our marble chocolate bark. Half with crushed candy canes and the other half with slivered almonds.
 My baby Titan!! He kept us company ALL night. We also had "The Devil Wears Prada" running on mom's computer in the background...it was weird. I remember starting it then what feels like 2 seconds later it was done! Time really does fly when you're having fun!
 The salted caramels cooling in the pan...so freakin' delish!!
 Mumsie hard at work wrapping allllll those caramels, we filled an ENTIRE long ziplock container thing...
 Yum, yum, YUM!

That's all for tonight folks! After all these pictures of sweet treats I shall send you off with a bit of a savoury website. Scanwiches is a really cool website I found tonight while reading A Cup of Jo these sandwisches look SO tasty it makes me hungry!!

I hope you all had a great day (and for those of you on winter break, I hope you're resting up well).


Although  I know I have some kinks to work out...I am me.

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