Saturday, December 18, 2010


Good evening to all!!

I don't even know WHERE to begin with this blog post. There is just SO much to say and just SO much excitement flowing through me right now!

Let's start at the VERY beginning (it's a very GOOD place to start...or so I hear...)

SO. Yesterday morning was our auditions for our April production of "Fiddler on the Roof" at the Brockville Arts Centre. Tickets are available ALREADY! Get them HERE!
I felt quite happy with my audition. And, really, I'd been preparing for it since April of LAST I should freakin' hope I'd be ready!
In any case, it went well and all that was left to do was wait and see what came of it.
It was such a hard decision for me to choose whether or not to audition for this project. I have in fact chosen to go the production route with my career (and work backstage), but I thought it would be another great learning experience for me to know even better the performance aspect of theatre. I was especially happy with my decision to audition when the cast list was posted this afternoon and I found myself cast as Golde (more info on the show and character descriptions HERE). This was the character I auditioned for and am quite grateful for this opportunity I've been given to work with such amazing people as the peers I am surrounded by in my program. It felt great to know that my teachers believe that I can do this. (And congratulations to everyone, this will be a great show!)

Moving on to this afternoon I attended a final rehearsal for "A Community Christmas" (tickets available HERE or available at the door). The show is tomorrow (Saturday, December 18) evening at the Brockville Arts Centre and is featuring Chris Coyea (head of the music discipline at SLC) and Alex Fleuriau-Chateau (a vocal professor at SLC) and different groups from the Brockville community. I am fortunate enough to be able to assistant stage manage AND be in this show. It was such a great night of great company and AMAZING music. This show is going to be fabulous-a DEFINITE one NOT to miss!
After the show I went to dinner with Chris and Marianne (stage manager for the show) and a few of other people who are participating in the show for a lovely dinner. It's amazing the sense of community and family in Brockville. Perhaps I'm simply seeing the tight knit group that has blossomed from a common interest in music, but I just can't get over how welcoming so many people have been, especially to someone like myself who sort of just threw herself into the midst of all this production stuff!

I think it has really hit me in the past couple of days how so unbelievably blessed I am to be able to be surrounded by such amazing friends, and family and peers and colleagues. The people I find myself with or find myself talking to day after day are so talented and humble and genuine and generous... I can't help but think sometimes that I'm seeing things through rose coloured glasses. I'd like to take a minute to thank those people in my life (both family AND friends) who have been so open and loving to me. Although I may not always acknowledge it, please know that it doesn't go un-noticed. You have all influenced me so much.

Someone told me today that they like reading my blog because it's short and gets right to the point...SORRY! I realize this post has been somewhat (haha...right) longer than my normal posts but I felt so inspired to write tonight I just needed to put it all out there!

Thanks for bearing with me and continuing to support me and my blog!

Much love and thanks to ALL!


Although  I know I have some kinks to work out...I am me.

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