Sunday, January 23, 2011

LAST Weekends Exciting Adventure

Hello everyone!

Seeing as how this weekend  was unbearably unexciting I've finally gotten around to posting LAST weekends pictures.
Saturday night a few friends got together to make sushi and a brownie in a mug. Here are the pictures that came out of this fabulous adventure!

Mixing the "Brownie in a Mug"

Brittney! :)

Brittney and Greg chopping up some veggies for the sushi.

The recipe for the "Brownie in a mug" can be found HERE

Still prepping the sushi ingredients

Before cooking the brownie. (We added marshmallows)

The final product *served with raspberry sorbet, marshmallows and icing sugar*
Greg making the sushi


Eating the goods. :)

Also, I never got around to posting these fun pictures:

My roomate and I were on the same breakfast wavelength for our first day back at school after our winter break.

This was my houseguest last weekend when all the other 3rd years went to Toronto for the Theatre Ontario Showcase. His name is Oscar.

I hope you all had a a great weekend and are reading and roaring to go for a full week ahead!


Although  I know I have some kinks to work out...I am me.


  1. how did the brownie taste?

  2. The brownie was alright...
    I found it a bit chewy and we definitely needed to add more sugar (hence the icing sugar on top).